Cineroom Loft

For this client, during their consultation with our workers, they expressed how they wanted a loft conversion in order to have a luxury cinema room. After the consultation we provided our client with a quote, which they were happy to accept. This then lead on to the planning and designing of the loft ensuring that the client’s desires are met. After having the design approved by the client and having further planning consent and building approval, our specialists got working on the modern, classy cinema room. Upon its completion, our staff were able to finalise this extra living room to be used as a cinema tv room. The luxury loft included LED lighting and marble flooring, a spacious and colour coded design, making it an ideal cinema as well as a guest area. Upon its completion we were able to provide the loft as desired by the client; who was very excited to use their new cinema loft.

Loft Conversion

This client, after having a consultation expressed a desire to be unique; they wanted a unique looking loft interior that was spacious enough to accommodate multiple visitors and guests. In line with this our company provided a quote which was approved of by the client, to which our specialist project workers began planning and designing the luxury-built loft conversion with a fresh and spacious interior that was tailored to the client’s desire. Then, having been happily approved of by the client and having received all the approvals for planning and building, our project workers quickly got to work, providing the utmost quality, adhering to the vision of the client, and working in an efficient manner. Upon completion, our client was entirely pleased with our service as we completed a conversion that was able to utilise the available space and redesign the room to the design that the client wanted.

Loft Conversion With Balcony

After having a consultation with our specialist staff, this client based in Aintree, expressed a desire to have a loft conversion, but with such a large area of roughly 19-x-36-foot our clients expressed how they wanted to take advantage of the space by incorporating multiple facilities. These included a central bath, living room, open kitchen, bedroom, and nook for laundry and storage. After discussing the facilities and design, our staff provided a quote to which the client was eager to begin the project. Then, after drafting a design and receiving planning consent, the work began. With such a large project our staff worked with quality, precision and in a timely manner. In doing so the client was always pleased with our service and progress. This was especially the case with the interior design, the space includes wood was coated, sanded and stained by our staff, specifically to match with the clients desired colour scheme, in order to achieve the simple, classy and sleek look that our clients envisioned. After finishing the project our workers left the premises with a happy client eager to use their new space.