We offer a variety of home extension solutions in London. Whether you are looking for a kitchen extension, wrap-around extension, flat roof extension, rear extension or side extension, we can deliver an exceptional service that meets you requirements.

We know that every project is different and not one client asks for the same specification.  We want to make the process of building the home you want as stress-free as possible.

Home extensions or kitchen extensions can add extra living space needed to your current home. Extensions are cost-effective, with house prices continuing to increase, many families simply cannot afford a new home.

The focal point of the house nowadays seems to be the kitchen. We find that often the kitchen and living room is an open plan. Individuals and families want to cook or dine with friends and family without feeling excluded. It is important there is enough space to do your daily tasks without frustration. We can help you to extend the kitchen and give you more living space.