Loft Extension

This client got in touch with us in July 2016, and after having a consultation, communicated to our project workers how they desire both a single storey side as well as a rear extension. Upon this, we were able to provide our client with a quote, which the client was happy to accept, to which our specialist workers began developing designs for the project. After formulating a design that captures the vision of the client, which the client happily approved of, we were then given planning permission and building approval, enabling our workers to start the project. After organised and quality execution of service, we were able to materialise the desired outcome for the client, including the installation of Dormer windows (as requested); this not only was able to provide natural light to the area, but also enabled a more spacious layout to the loft extension. Our client was very pleased with our quality service and was eager to use their new loft extension.

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