Build a loft conversion in London during the winter

Do you feel like it is time to convert your loft into something special? Is winter preventing you from achieving the vision you have in your mind? Well, we have stated a few reasons why loft conversions in the winter may not be as bad as you think. Hopefully, this will put you more at ease.

1. Winter in Britain is not as bad as you think
If you have ever experienced winter in countries where you don’t even want to leave the house because of how cold it really is, you’ll realise that the British winters are rather forgiving. With temperatures hardly dropping below zero, the weather is not likely to impact the loft conversion or your home to the extent you imagine, in fact it may not at all.

2. Summer is busy
Summer is a busy period for loft conversions, in fact it is the busiest time of the year. We can understand why, apart from the weather, the days are longer. But winter is the time where those quick and simple conversions can happen.

3.You’ll not experience an increase in energy bills
Our team is professional and experienced in loft conversions, we will make sure to seal prior construction. It is our job to know how to do it right no matter what the climate is.


Advantages of loft conversion

Many people think of a loft space of an existing house as nothing more than a storage place. The rising housing costs in many cities, such as London, motivate certain individuals to consider loft conversions. Transforming an old attic into a loft is associated with several benefits.

  1. New homes are not as affordable as lofts. Renovating an old attic into a loft can be accomplished at only a fraction of the expenditure needed to purchase a new home, this is because the base structures are already in place and it is easier for a contractor to install plumbing and wiring into a new loft.
  2. Lofts are known for their energy efficiency. Heat rises from the bottom to the top of a house in a cooler climate. This provides a loft with free heating. Many people living in lofts do not use heating even in the winter when someone heats the premises below.
  3. A loft conversion can increase the price of a London home (by as much as 40%). The cost of London properties has risen substantially during the last few years, which prompted many people to look for new ideas for rebuilding and renovating the existing home to allow for more tenants. A loft conversion in London is a great way to make the most out of this.
  4. A loft space can be converted into a room and rented out. A loft is often considered as an affordable traditional housing alternative. It can be an additional income source for homeowners.
  5. Costs for maintenance are usually low because a loft is a part of the existing home infrastructure. Regular home maintenance usually includes loft maintenance and doesn’t incur additional expenditure.

The popularity of lofts is on the rise in recent years as building space in large living areas becomes increasingly expensive. There are a number of installation options for loft conversions in London and they are designed to fit different budgets. A loft conversion is a challenging task for a DIY fan, so it is best to use professional services.